STEM Academy

For the best view of our Grades 6-12 STEM program, download our PDF brochure.

Be Distinct or Be Extinct

Biddeford’s diverse economy is driven by industrial, professional, public administration and service sectors; it is outgrowing its traditional industrial and manufacturing roots, and undergoing an economic, cultural and arts renaissance.  Nearly $100 million in pledged investments in our downtown promise to remake Biddeford, once more, a “great city rising where the water falls.”

In order to meet the needs of our changing economy and the needs of 21st century learners, the Biddeford School Department has created its flagship grades 6-12 STEM Academy.

A project-based, student-centered pathway for motivated students interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will allow students unparalleled opportunity to engage in STEM coursework, enjoy early enrollment and specialized advising, and earn a STEM-endorsed Diploma. This unique diploma tells employers and post-

secondary schools alike that our students are highly-qualified and ready for the unique and rewarding challenges of STEM careers.  As our articulation agreements grow each year, our goal is for STEM Academy students to enroll in college with sophomore standing.


According to Forbes, more than half of the nation’s fastest growing jobs require a STEM background.  From Biddeford to Portland to Silicon Valley to Hong Kong fields in information technology, medical science, and computer science are growing exponentially.  Our schools have always taught math and science–and more recently engineering and technology–but not always in a manner that connects the disciplines to create a meaningful and rigorous pathway for students.

Our STEM Academy is the first of three such Academies that will launch by 2020.

Top Ten STEM Fields

1. Information Technology
2. Computer and Information Services
3. Mathematics
4. Civil Engineering
5. Precision (CNC) Machining  and Computer Engineering
6. Computer Programming
7. Environmental Engineering Technology
8. Nuclear Engineering Technology
9. Petroleum Technology
10. Marine Sciences

It all starts in Middle School

Biddeford Middle School has developed a rigorous and unique program emphasizing mathematics and science with the integration of technology and engineering.  Courses will be taught by an interdisciplinary multi-grade level team of teachers with approximately 15-18 students from each of the grades. Students will focus on real world problems and have the opportunity to connect with higher education and industry professionals. In order to be more successful in demanding science-related and technology careers, high school honors, Advanced Placement, and dual/concurrent enrollment college credit courses, we recognized that we need to start preparing students early.  An entire team has been created exclusively to STEM.  Students who are interested in the BMSTEM! Academy must apply.  Interested students may obtain an application packet in the BMS main office, or by downloading one from the BMS homepage.  For more detailed information, students and families are encouraged to contact Principal Descoteaux.