CMP Set up

Biddeford High School is proud to announce its role in supporting the community's power restoration efforts by hosting over 100 line crews from Central Maine Power. These dedicated workers have been tirelessly working to restore power to our communities, and Biddeford High School was honored to provide them with a place to rest and get warm after their long 17-hour shifts.

The school extends its heartfelt gratitude to the student-athletes, coaches, and parents who came together to help set up cots and prepare to welcome the linemen. Lacrosse, track, and tennis athletes played a crucial role in ensuring that the line crews had a comfortable stay during their time at Biddeford High School.

York County Emergency Management provided the cots for the line workers, while Central Maine Power supplied the bedding. Over the weekend, up to 150 crew members were expected to stay overnight at the school, as local hotels were fully booked on Saturday and Sunday nights due to the eclipse viewing in Maine.

Biddeford High School acknowledges the essential contribution of these line crews and expresses immense gratitude for their dedication to restoring power and ensuring the well-being of our communities. The school remains committed to supporting community initiatives and endeavors that benefit the greater good.