BHS OM Technical Team

Six of the nine Biddeford teams placed in the State Competition; four move on to the World Finals.   

Among the 56 teams representing Divisions I, II, and III at the Maine State Odyssey of the Mind (OM) State Finals Tournament on April 27th, four of the six Biddeford teams placed in the top three of their divisions in the competition. Both the Biddeford High School (BHS) Technical and Performance Teams were named State Champions and World Finalists, while the Biddeford Middle School (BMS) and Biddeford Intermediate School (BIS) Performance Teams placed second and qualified for the World Finals later this month in Ames, Iowa.

Eligible Biddeford teams have placed among the Top 3 at the State Tournament 13 times and moved on to the World Finals 11 times. In addition to the State Champions and World Finalists mentioned, the BIS Classic Team and a second BMS Performance Team placed fourth and seventh in the state, respectively. The Biddeford Primary School (BPS) had three teams compete among 14 primary teams, and although they did not receive scores for their competition, they learned how to perform in front of an audience and answer questions from the judges.

"It is so exciting to see Biddeford students working so well collaboratively and excelling at problem-solving to consistently place at the State Tournament and move on to the World Finals every year since 2015,” said OM District Coordinator Victoria Salo. “We have had a strong team of coaches this year, which most certainly helps our students prepare for the state competition. Our teams are excited to head to the World Finals this month.” 

Odyssey of the Mind is a creative, problem-solving, extra-curricular program involving students from kindergarten through college. Teams of up to seven students work together at length, with limited guidance from a coach, to solve a predefined long-term problem and present their solution to the problem at a competition. In the last two years, the Biddeford OM program has more than doubled in student participation, showcasing remarkable growth across student demographics.  From students in special education to the top academic performers, from athletes to drama students, or those interested in math and engineering, the OM Teams are an eclectic mix of various backgrounds and interests. 

In 2017, Biddeford had two OM teams consisting of 14 students at the Division I and III high school level only; today, they have grown to nine teams consisting of 50 students at the Division I, II, and III elementary and high school levels. There are three teams at Biddeford Primary School (BPS); two teams at Biddeford Intermediate School (BIS); two teams at Biddeford Middle School (BMS); and two at Biddeford High School (BHS).  The teams are led by coaches Suzanne Tighe, K-5 Gifted and Talented Teacher at BIS, Victoria Salo, Biddeford’s OM District Coordinator and Science Teacher at BHS, and parent volunteers Bistra Nikiforova (BHS), Karen Ramunno (BMS & BPS), Kerry Roarke and JoAnna Roberge (BMS), Teila Norris, Nicole Eagle, Charles Ireland, and Mary Ireland (BIS), and Layne Waddell, Justin Wolf, and Kristen Simoneau (BPS).

At the State Tournament, the BHS Performance team and both Salo and Tighe were presented with  OMER Awards. Named after the Odyssey of the Mind raccoon mascot, this award recognizes those individuals, coaches, team members, parents, officials, and others who, during a tournament, serve as exemplary examples or role models through their actions or words. This award is also bestowed on team members who exhibit exceptional skill and talents.  

Fundraisers to date have included Family Fun Days, yard sales, bottle drives, baked sales, raffles, and calendar fundraisers. To be kept informed of upcoming fundraisers, please follow the Biddeford Odyssey of the Mind Facebook Page at  To make a contribution to the OM program directly, checks can be made payable to Biddeford High School with Odyssey of the Mind noted in the Memo Field and mailed to 20 Maplewood Avenue, Biddeford, ME 04005.  All funds raised will support both BHS and BMS students attending the OM World Finals. 

BHS Tech TeamBiddeford High School’s Technical Team named Maine State Odyssey of the Mind State Champions and World Finalists.  Left to right: James Cote, Emma Cote, Lara Galiardi, Kayla Arsenault, Ella Ireland, and Kyle Perkins.

BHS Performance TeamBiddeford High School’s Performance Team named Maine State Odyssey of the Mind State Champions and World Finalists. The team, along with coaches Victoria Salo and Suzanne Tighe (not pictured), also received the OMER award.  Left to right: Ahlany Martinez, Kyleigh Froehlich, Emily Michael, Layla Keddy, Elliot Aranovitch, and Harvey Giddings.

BMS Performance TeamBiddeford Middle School’s Performance Team are Maine State Odyssey of the Mind 2nd place winners and World Finalists.  Left to right:  Cooper Crockett, Bentley Hale (floor), Harrison Buchanan, Wyatt Harper, and Anthony Ramunno.

BIS Performance TeamBiddeford Intermediate School’s Performance Team are Maine State Odyssey of the Mind 2nd place winners and World Finalists. Front row (L-R):  Amelia Ireland and Adalina Morrill; Back row (L-R): Maisie Giddings, Baxter Belanger, and Kalina Simard (not pictured: Anja Lunianski).