Mission and Expectations

Mission Statement:

At Biddeford High School, our shared vision is that all students will graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in post-secondary education, compete in the global economy, and participate as informed citizens.

In order to achieve this vision, it is our mission to ensure that:

  • All students receive an education that is challenging, engaging, equitable, and relevant;

  • We are providing a learning environment in which all members of the school community feel safe, valued, and respected;

  • We are working in partnership with families and the community to support and promote the healthy development of each individual.

Essential Academic Outcomes:
All BHS graduates will:

  1. write clearly and effectively for a variety of purposes

  2. read proficiently in a variety of genres

  3. listen actively for comprehension

  4. think logically, scientifically and critically to construct meaning and to solve problems

  5. present information and ideas fluently and confidently before an audience

  6. collaborate productively as past of a team to solve problems and achieve common goals

  7. use technology and research strategies effectively and ethically

  8. create original works that demonstrate specific skills as well as individual expression and style

Essential Social Outcomes:
BHS students will demonstrate:

  • respect for themselves and others

  • acceptance of responsibility for their own actions

  • ability to resolve conflicts in a civil and non-violent manner

Essential Civic Outcomes:
BHS students will demonstrate:

  • appreciation of the diversity of beliefs, opinions, needs and wants in our global society

  • knowledge of the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizens in a democratic society

  • understanding of the importance of service to the welfare of both the individual and the community

School Core Values (PRIDE):

Perseverance (Not giving up; holding on to your dreams; persisting in the face of difficulty)

Respect (Treating others the way you want to be treated)

Integrity (Doing what is right; matching your actions to your professional values)

Dependability (following through on promises and commitments)

Empathy (Having compassion for others)