Our school department’s mission is that all students are assured of an education, which prepares them for the future. The first step to the future is your child’s kindergarten year. This is an important year for you and your child as social-emotional, language, motor and pre-academic skills receive emphasis.

The following characteristics define the knowledge, skills and attitudes of educated individuals, and guide the teaching and learning in the Biddeford schools. Our goal is to prepare your child to:

  • Become an effective communicator

  • Evolve into a creative and critical thinker

  • Practice global and responsible citizenship

  • Strive to become a life-long learner

  • Develop the skills of a quality worker

The community of Biddeford and its school system believe that:

  • Every child is and needs to feel important.

  • All staff members make a difference in our student’s lives.

  • A safe environment is essential for successful learning

  • All students learn in different ways.

  • Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for a successful career.

  • Appreciation of cultural diversity is essential to our community’s future.

  • Student’s success is ensured through active and supportive parents, strong schools and an involved community.

The first six weeks of schools is an exciting time and also a time of adjustment for your child. We have four broad aims for this time:

  • Create a climate and tone of warmth and safety

  • Teach the schedule and routines of the school day and our expectations for behavior.

  • Introduce students to the physical environment and materials in the classroom and the school, and to teach students how to use and care for them.

  • Establish expectations about ways we will learn together in the coming year.

In addition to assessing and developing math and pre-reading concepts, your child’s Kindergarten curriculum will also focus on developing the following social and emotional skills:

  • Working without disturbing others

  • Working productively in a group

  • Transitioning between activities

  • Working independently

  • Making responsible choices

  • Accepting risks and challenges

  • Following directions

  • Showing enthusiasm for learning

  • Following classroom and school rules

  • Applying skills to pre-reading and math content

  • Following classroom and school procedures

  • Exhibiting an ability to organize