All students have access to computers through their computer class as well as in their classroom. Our computer lab is also available throughout our day for classroom access. Students have a designated computer class once a week that focuses on learning how to use the computer and keyboard. The software programs used reinforce literacy and mathematical skills.


Our library provides students, staff, parents and volunteers with a variety of materials, print and non-print that will support and enhance all curricula areas and encourage individual and professional growth. The leisure and academic needs for different levels of ability and diversity of interests are considered in the selection of materials. Students have library class for instruction on how to become independent, competent library users. Children are welcome to take library books home, but must return them before they can take out additional materials. There is a fee for damaged or lost books.

Music and Art

Students have both music and art during the year. Learning goals in these subjects are often addressed during interdisciplinary units of study where music and art enhance students’ understanding of classroom studies.

Physical Education

Students have physical education classes. The learning goals are addressed through a variety of games and skill development activities. Physical education provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to support participation in a wide variety of physical activities that contribute to an active lifestyle.